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Ideally sited on 60 acres of land within the port of Victoria Harbour on Labuan Island, LSE operates in a strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region. LSE is blessed with deep-water access, sheltered from prevailing monsoons and boasts itself for being a free port status. With a maximum capacity of 24,000 tonnes of fabrication output per annum, we are capable of undertaking multiple projects such as the construction of offshore platforms (over 2,000 tonnes each) or ocean-going ships without any bottlenecks. The shipyard possesses loadout facilities comprising an efficient 7,000-tonne capacity Syncrolift shiplift system, and boasts 2 loadout skidways and quays. The yard also possesses a long wharfage of approximately 540 metres.


16,000-deadweight tonne capacity ship handling

24,000-tonne fabrication output per annum

540-metre length wharf

200-tonne tested bollard pull testing facility

7,000-tonne capacity Syncrolift shiplift system

 12,000 and 3,000-tonne capacity loadout skidway and quay


In 2019, LSE has once again accomplished another significant milestone by becoming the first shipyard in East Malaysia Offering On-site 200MT Bollard Pull Testing Facility.

At LSE, our bollard pull testing facility has been tested to a maximum 200-tonne capacity. It is suitable for testing vessels with up to 12,000 engine horsepower*. A report will be provided and used as verification of the vessel’s pulling (or towing) capability. Among the classification societies that witness our numerous bollard pull tests are ABS, DnV, BV, Lloyds and NK. We are proud to offer our clients assurance on quality when they perform their vessel’s bollard pull test with us, and convenience as we strive to become a one-stop integrated solutions provider for the shipbuilding & ship repair and oil & gas industries.

*Subject to other factors such as transmission losses, propulsion type and propulsion system efficiency


As a leading provider of integrated solutions, LSE also provides ship chandling services to our customers.

Ship chandling is a crucial service required to provide essential supplies and provisions needed by either the ship or crew. Our reliable and professional ship chandling includes a comprehensive range of supplies. Among them are:

Beverages, and Fresh and Frozen Food

  • Vegetables & fruits
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Dried and canned food
  • Dairy products

Equipment and Furniture

  • Kitchen & tableware
  • Stationery & office supplies
  • Toiletries, cleaning agents

and many more items to meet your every demand and needs.


At LSE, we have full control on a comprehensive range of facilities and equipment to cater to the various requirements of your project. This ensures that you are always provided with the most feasible, cost-effective and time-saving integrated solution possible.

 24-hour access with gated security area

Warehousing & space rental, including climate-controlled storage rooms

Video surveillance system at priority areas

Fresh water & electrical power supply

Floodlit open and covered fabrication bays

 Internet access and office space rental

Docking & berthing services

Transporting of heavy loads

 Equipment rentals & scaffolding supplies 

 Ship chandling

Public food court on-site

Repair Berth No. 1250m x 30m7,500 m²
Repair Berth No. 2180m x 30m5,400 m²
Bay 2 Extension25m x 150m3,750 m²
Bay 3 Extension58m x 150m8,700 m²
Outfit Complex Extension30m x 150m4,500 m²
Open Fabrication Space Next to
Open Stock Yard
95m x 175m16,625 m²
Block Blasting Area30m x 100m3,000 m²
Bay 16,250 m²10 MT x 2, 15 MT x 1 Overhead cranes
Bay 22,500 m²25 MT x 2 Overhead cranes
Bay 35,800 m²50 MT x 2 Overhead cranes
Bay 4600 m²20 MT x 1, 10 MT x 1 Overhead cranes
Bay 5 & 62,500 m² ea10 MT x 1 Overhead cranes
Bay 7 & 82,500 m² ea10 MT x 2 Overhead cranes
Maintenance Workshop1,300 m²1 x 5 tons Semi-Portal Crane
Auto Blast Chamber2,000 m²12MT x 3 Overhead crane
Maximum Test Pulling Load200 tonnes
Maximum Engine Horsepower12,000
Maximum Water Depth at Site12 metres
Open Stock Yard 25m x 230m 5,750 m² 1 unit 15 tons Gantry Crane
Main Warehouse 15m x 80m 3,600m² 1 unit 1.5 tons Battery Operated Forklift
Project Store No. 1 24m x 43m 1,032m²
Project Store No. 2 15m x 60m 900m²
Project Store No. 3 15m x 60m 900m²
Inner Jetty140m (L)
Outer Jetty 540m (L)
Shiprepair Jetty 180m (L)
Loadout Quay No. 1 160m (L) x 12,000 MT
Loadout Quay No. 2 58m (L) x 3,000 MT
Syncrolift Shiplift 140m (L) x 28m (W) x 8.5m (D) x 7,000 MT
Side Transfer Area 140m (L) x 156m (W)
Skidway No. 1 188m (L) x 28m (W) x 12,000 MT
Skidway No. 2 146m (L) x 20m (W) x 3,000 MT
11 unit of CNC Fusion Plasma Underwater Cutting Machine
21 unit of Fuji 500 tons Press
31 unit of Roundo Plate Bending & Rolling PS 600
41 unit of 400 tons Hugh Smith Frame bender
51 unit of OTC Plasma D-12000
11 unit of 50 tons Dockside/Lifting Crane
22 units of 70 tons Grove Mobile Crane
31 unit of 250 tons Manitowoc M250 Crawler Crane
41 unit of 320 tons Manitowoc M4600 Ringer Crane
52 units if 15 tons Forklift
63 units of 7 tons Forklift
71 unit of 10 tons Side Forklift
1Welding sets consist of Miller MK VIII-2 DC (SMAW), Esab LCF1200-DC,RC500 (SMAW), Esab A2 Multiwoc 1000 Amps.(SAW), Miller Syncrowave 350 Amps.(GTAW) and many more
2Generators equipment consist of 1000 KVA Portable Cummins Diesel Generator G21, 1875 KVA Portable Caterpillar Diesel Generator G20 and many more
3Air compressors equipment consist of 750 CFM Air Compressor Ingersoll Rand (Model: HP750/Diesel Driven. Potable type), 674 CFM Air Compressor IR/Motor EP150/50. Fixed type. And many more
4Blasting and Painting equipment consist of Air Dryer 750 CFM. IR Model: DXR-750EE, Auto Blasting Machine 550 m²/day. and many more
5Transfer cradle equipment consist of Bilge Cradle (Long) 8 wheels and Keel Cradle (Short) 4 wheels